Wheelchair sports chairs

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We work closely with Per4max to bring you the very best quality wheelchair basketball and Tennis wheelchairs from the USA.

The Fit
Ergonomics are crucial to getting the best performance out of you and your chair. To maximise your pushing stroke, acceleration, top speed and turning you need to be as one with your chair, a perfect union. That’s why every dimension is measured for you and your unique style of play.
If you need some parts of the frame asymmetric we can do that, if you want the seat tapered all along its length, we can do that too, if we can draw it, we can create it for you.
All of our sports chairs can be made to measure for children as well as adults.
The Materials
We use the best Aluminium alloys to give you the best performing chair.
They are extremely efficient combining lightness and stiffness and then your chair is heat treated to give it superior strength.
We are so confident in this process and the quality of our chairs that we offer an industry leading 3 year warranty on our sports chair frames.
The Pedigree
Per4max chairs have been a key player in the USA for many years providing chairs for elite athletes and Paralympians in a wide range of sports.
All of their chairs are designed and created by William Hernadez, three times Paralympian.
Recently the USA men and women's’ basketball teams, using Per4max chairs, won Gold at the Rio Paralympics.

Are you ready to take your game to the max?