Smart Drive clip on Wheelchair Power Assistance

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Clip on power assistance for wheelchairs

The Smartdrive clips onto a small mounting bracket on the rear axle of your wheelchair. It will assist you on the flat and uphill reducing the strain and wear and tear on your shoulders and arms whilst increasing your range and capability. A small, compact and portable unit providing discrete power assistance to increase your mobility. The Smartdrive is best suited to good, even terrain including shopping, socialising, work use and attending school or college.

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Manufacturer Description

The SmartDrive gives you freedom to do more. It moves with you and it’s so lightweight, you don’t even know it’s there. You can spin in place, be in a wheelie, or hop off curbs. It is compatible with your active lifestyle.

Between pushing thousands of times a day, frequent transferring and need to reach overhead, manual chair users put a lot of strain on the muscles and joints in their arms. While we can’t control everything—we can control how many pushes are done each day with SmartDrive.

SmartDrive was created with manual wheelchair users in mind. The mounting location, the ergonomic handle, the weight, and the Omni Wheel were all designed to create a seamless power assist experience.

  • Weight 5.7kg
  • Range up to 12 miles
  • Max Speed 4.5mph
  • Controlled by Bluetooth wristband
  • Certified for airline travel
  • Fits fixed or folding chairs

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