Progeo Ego and Ego Custom Folding Lightweight Everyday Manual Wheelchair

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Ultimate innovation meets rigidity and style in this ultra lightweight folding wheelchair from Progeo. Designed for users wanting the flexibility of a folding wheelchair combined with the style and strength of a rigid wheelchair. The Progeo Ego has a lot to like and many options to choose from making this one of the best folding chairs ever made.

Ego Custom

Top of the range folding lightweight wheelchair designed for the active wheelchair user that wants a wheelchair with the benefits of what a rigid frame offers, whilst still being foldable in practicality. This folding wheelchair is made to measure and an excellent product for car storage, everyday active use, strong and manoeuvrable, very light for its kind, it is hard to top against any other in the folding wheelchair category.

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  • Folding backrest with height and angle adjustment (Ego Custom)
  • Positioning of the rear wheel welded to measure (Ego Custom, and not adjustable).
  • Ample adjustment possibilities - rear height - setting (point of balance) - backrest height - backrest angle
  • The crossbar Syncro Motion Folding Axle, an innovative concept designed by Progeo with synchronized movement of the folding axles.
  • Front adjustment Sliding system front height adjustment, fork support with integrated spirit level, automatic aluminium folding footplate.
  • Standard support Sliding system front height adjustment with standard fork support.
  • Spirit level support Sliding system front height adjustment with fork support with integrated spirit level (free option).
  • V-Design support Sliding system front height adjustment with new fork support (free option).
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    Manufacturer Description:

    Ego Ultralight Folding Wheelchair When design meets technology, a brilliant reality comes to life. Innovative open/close easy-to-use system and unbeatable rigidness for an extremely light folding wheelchair (9 kg approx. in the lightest configuration). Ultra-light aluminium alloy or carbon fibre elliptical frame tubes, minimum encumbrance…these are just a few of a TOP range model’s features.

    Ego Custom Ultralight Folding Wheelchair This version is specifically designed and individually manufactured to measure for the user. It stands out for the innovative EGO folding system, unique in its kind, combined with the characteristics of lightness, manoeuvrability, stiffness and strength, comparable to the rigid frame wheelchairs welded to measure. A model at the top of the range, intended for particularly active users who want to preserve all the advantages offered by a folding wheelchair. The compactness and the extreme lightness (in the lightest configuration around 9 Kg.), facilitates at most every operation for its positioning in the car.

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