Out Front Composite Scissor Brakes for manual wheelchairs

Out Front Composite Scissor Brakes for manual wheelchairs

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Single Brake or set


Try the black alloy brakes instead, will fit into same brackets and far superior.

Out Front Composite Scissor Brakes Fit 19mm clamp mounting. At 49% lighter lighter than standard aluminium lock brakes these are a light but strong brake option. Easier to engage and disengage than standard brakes, makes them a great choice for quadriplegics, paraplegics and those with normal or impaired hand function. They feature a textured handle to further prevent slipping when using the brakes and tuck away nicely under the frame when not locked on.

  • Compact size keeps the wheel lock out of the way during transfers or when transporting the chair.
  • Ergonomic design requires less effort to engage and disengage.
  • Textured handle prevents hands from slipping when using the lock.
  • Small profile and great design makes the lock blend into the chair frame.
  • Fibre reinforced composite reduces wheel lock weight by 49% compared to standard aluminium wheel locks.

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