Master Alpha Protect Tyre 24x1wheelchair tyre

Maxxis VN Master 24" Alpha Protect wheelchair tyre

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24" wheelchair tyre with lightweight attributes and puncture protection, a high quality wheelchair tyre for everyday use.

Manufacturer Description

Versatile, low rolling resistance and durable – the VN master Alpha protect tyre by Maxxis Tires is a “No compromise” tyre that combines the attributes of a high performing, lightweight tyre with the strength of a puncture resistant tyre.

With patented Platinum Shield puncture protection combining a 3mm LDP rubber layer with a layer of close-meshed, extra-light EPS poly-fibre
fabric. This multi-layer structure provides optimal puncture protection for wheelchair tyres.

VN master Alpha protect tyre by Maxxis is a non marking black tyre with a grooved tread pattern that provides premium traction, while minimising rolling resistance.

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