Konixx Eflux Wheelchair Sports Castor

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Konixx Eflux Wheelchair sports Castor offers a great balance between grip, durability and speed. Available in Blue and ideal for use in wheelchair sports such as Wheelchair Basketball, wheelchair Rugby (murderball) and wheelchair Tennis.

Manufacturer Description

The e-Flux stands for "everything" and that's because it's your "no compromise" wheel for smooth non-tile rink surfaces. If you play on; smooth or painted concrete, roll on, or wood floors, you no longer have choose between grip versus durability versus speed.

Single pour construction

  • Built on the Konixx 5-Star™ hub
  • U-base 2 formula w/Multi-thane 2X™ & Fast-thane 2X™ additives
  • Available in +0 stiffness; ideal for most youth and adult body weights.
  • Recommended for tile or other non-abrasive surfaces.

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**This item is not supplied with bearings or bearing spacers