Progeo Noir 2 Carbon Lightweight Rigid Fixed Frame Everyday Wheelchair

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The formula 1 Mercedes McLaren of the rigid wheelchair world, this stunning, carbon fibre wheelchair is made to measure and completely unique and unchangeable once built. This wheelchair is not only high tech, lightweight and with a number of features designed for comfort and usability; this wheelchair will set you apart from anyone else. We all the strive to maximise our potential, so why not maximise your looks with the Progeo Noir 2?!

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  • Carbon fibre monocoque made-to-measure frame.
  • Rear axle New design that confers more rigidness and resistance.
  • Front support in carbon fibre with Noir graphic.
  • One-piece carbon fibre footplate (standard).
  • Version with fixed backrest (optional).
  • Postural backrest Unique and exclusive carbon fibre AIR backrest (optional). It almost keeps the same weight of the backrest with upholstery and straps and it allows all adjustments for an optimal posture. You can combine it with a rigid carbon fibre seat.
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Manufacturer Description:

Noir 2.0 Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair A concentrate of technology. Carbon fibre monocoque wheelchair made only to measure. Noir 2.0, the only made-to-measure carbon fibre wheelchair, renews itself in its lines and shapes improving its look and performance. Each detail is accurately designed to accomplish an astonishing eye-catching and linear look as well as minimum weight, maximum resistance and unique manoeuvrability and dynamism. The wheelchair, which is moulded around You, becomes the integral part of Your style and of Your own charm.

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