About Us

At MAX Wheelchairs we have over 20 years experience providing made to measure sports and everyday wheelchairs for a wide range of customers, with different challenges and disabilities. We are a company solely run by wheelchair users, for wheelchairs. 

Whether you are a first time wheelchair user through to a Paralympic athlete we are passionate about bringing you the best products available. That's why we work with Per4max bringing you quality everyday and sports wheelchairs. Progeo everyday wheelchairs are a class in their own providing stunning lightweight rigid, folding and carbon wheelchairs. We are also the UK's favourite Triride power attachment retailer, we think hands down the best electric manual wheelchair power assists on the market. 

Our mission is to enable you to maximise your potential by providing a range of high performance, tailor made wheelchairs to fit your lifestyle.

As wheelchair users ourselves we understand the difference high quality and custom-made chairs can make to your day to day life. We believe we’ve sourced the best wheelchairs available giving you the choice of a range of customised, lightweight wheelchairs made to your individual measurements and preferences

At MAX Wheelchairs we recognise that everyone has different needs from day to day mobility to family life and active sports. We understand how important it is to listen to your requirements and can provide expert knowledge on the product range and suitable options for you.

Our Values:

We will give you honest and clear advice to suit your individual preferences, enabling you to make well informed decisions when creating your wheelchair.

Customer service
We are committed to providing a high level of customer service to ensure you are completely satisfied. From our initial discussion through to the handover over of your custom designed chair.

Throughout the lifetime of your chair we continue to offer the best customer service including providing a range of parts and accessories.

We respect everyone as an individual and recognise that everyone has different requirements. We will work with you to design a chair as unique as you.