Progeo Lightweight Rigid Adjustable Frame Wheelchair The Joker

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Joker: Looking for a completely customizable yet rigid frame wheelchair? The Progeo Joker Energy supplied by Max Wheelchairs is the lightweight wheelchair available in multiple colours and options that ticks all the boxes. From height adjustment to removable side guards as standard; the Joker Energy is hard to beat in the lightness vs rigidity vs adjustability category. A great choice for users new to the rigid wheelchair market and need that adjustability to fine tune for their individual needs.


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  • Carbon side plate Configuration available with Full Carbon side plate and integrated "AIR" carbon fibre rigid backrest.
  • Completely in carbon fibre Carbon Pack version (Full Carbon side plate, carbon frame, carbon rear axle). Side plate
  • Patented system for rear height and setting adjustments, removable mudguards as standard.
  • Postural backrest Unique and exclusive carbon fibre AIR backrest (optional). It almost keeps the same weight of the backrest with upholstery and straps and it allows all adjustments for an optimal posture. You can combine it with a rigid carbon fibre seat.
  • Carbon frame
  • Available with carbon fibre frame (optional).
  • Spirit level support Sliding system front height adjustment with fork support with integrated spirit level (free option). V-Design support Sliding system front height adjustment with new fork support (free option). Zero Version Joker in “Zero” version (optional) that allows for one-piece flip-up or double footplate.
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      Manufacturer Description:

      Joker Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair A very successful rigid frame wheelchair that never stops amazing. Linear and aggressive, Joker uses innovative technical solutions for a full personalization. Patented system for an easy and quick rear height and setting adjustments, removable mudguards as standard.

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