Konixx Pulsar X Wheelchair sports Castor

Konixx Pulsar X Wheelchair sports Castor

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Konixx Pulsar Wheelchair sports Castor is a strong and balanced wheel that is easy on the wear and tear. Available in blue and ideal for use in wheelchair sports such as Wheelchair Basketball, wheelchair Rugby (murderball) and wheelchair Tennis.

Manufacturer Description

The NEW Pulsar from Konixx takes the performance and durability you've come to expect from Konixx and delivers them onto a single pour wheel. Our proven U-Base 3™ formula is married to the new Konixx K-Core™ hub to give you the best balance of rigidity and firmness, without compromising the wear of the wheel.

  • Features the all new Konixx K-Core™ hub for an optimum balance of wheel rigidity, and flex
  • Poured with the Konixx U-Base 3™ formula
  • Performance boosted w/ Konixx Trac-tech™, Infini-tech™, & Veloci-tech™ additives
  • Offered in +0 stiffness, optimum up to 200lbs

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**This item is not supplied with bearings or bearing spacers

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