omobic trirstar silver wheelchair castor wheel
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Omobic Tri-Star Soft Roll wheelchair castor wheels

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Soft Roll Castor Wheels are another alternative to wide Frog Legs soft roll castor wheels or fibrecore. Lightweight and designed for low rolling resistance and available in a variety of colours these castor wheels will not disappoint for the price.

Listed 4inch Castor wheels measure precisely 95mm and weigh 50 grams lighter than 4inch soft roll Frog Legs castor wheels. 

Manufacturer Description 

Hub :
Elegant design with metallic appearance.

Bearing :
accuracy ball bearing provide very smooth rolling with lower torque.

Tyre :
Paw pad design with highly-resilient polyurethane tire provide very comfortable ride, very nice at absorbable vibration & wear resistance & road grip & bounce back.

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