Evoflex padded pelvic wheelchair hip belt bodypoint
Evoflex padded pelvic wheelchair hip belt bodypoint

Bodypoint Evoflex padded pelvic positioning belt for wheelchair users

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The Evoflex Padded Pelvic Positioning Belt is designed to keep its shape and stay where it belongs for maximum stability, control, and ease of use. Can also be used in wheelchair sports such as wheelchair rugby for ball stability on the lap, pelvic and leg stability too in wheelchair basketball, tennis etc. 

Manufacturer Description

The Evoflex belt is designed to keep its shape, stay in place, and provide stability and control. Stiffened, yet flexible, end-straps stay upright when the belt is opened, and can be pivoted forwards or back during transfers or when not in use. They also prevent the belt from falling into the dirty area of the wheelchair.

The Evoflex can help the user gain more efficiency from their pushes, maintain better balance, and improve functional reach. The Swivel Buckle gives the Evoflex the ability to equalise tension and provide better stability, fit, and comfort. 


Evoflex - Different from the Usual Hip Belt


What are the Hassles with 'floppy' Hip Belts?

Fall into the wheels/onto the ground and get dirty 

Become tangled in slings and clothing

Get damaged due to twisting and stretching

Floppy belts - a breeding ground for bacteria

Microbiological testing on wheelchairs has shown that Pseudomonas and other bacteria were found in an increasing number from the surface of the cushion downwards, which is the area where floppy belts tend to fall when released.

How does the Evoflex Benefit you?

Won’t twist or fall into the wheels

Fits into even the tightest places

Gives a closer fit for better stability

Can be pivoted forwards/back when not in use

Is resistant to abrasion, tearing, and temperature extremes


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