Push Rims by Surge for easier wheelchair pushing and grip

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Surge Push rims for manual wheelchair wheels offer the user the ability to have a push rim that better fits into the grip of their hand. Ideal for those with good and limited hand function. The rubber bead around the top of the push rim offers grip, while the smooth sides allow for braking without burning your hands!

Manufacturer Description

The Surge is a lightweight, all-in-one oval hand rim with a Griptionª Strip that improves traction on every push. The Surge is made of 1. 1/8″ oval tubing, and does not add any width to your chair as it can be mounted in the close-in or wide position. The Gription Stripª is a rubber strip that goes all the way around the top surface of the oval hand rim which is particularly helpful when going up ramps, hills etc or when traversing difficult surfaces (e.g. deep-pile carpeting). Smooth side surface means no-burn braking.


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