Progeo Duke Carbon Lightweight Rigid Adjustable Frame Wheelchair

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A made to measure carbon wheelchair that is highly adjustable and offers great everyday wheelchair use solutions, like flip back footplate and adjustable seat height. This 2 part monocoque frame (meaning 2 frames that form together to support the overall wheelchair) is light, highly adjustable, attractive and also has options like the AIR Carbon Postural support !

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  • Guided rear height adjustment.
  • Backrest Height and angle adjustable backrest with locking when folded, too.
  • Adducted frame for a better support for the lower limbs.
  • One-piece aluminium footplate with plastic plate (standard).
  • One-piece flip-back footplate (optional).Fork support Support with integrate system for the fork angle adjustment.
  • Extremely reduced encumbrance without rear wheels and folded backrest.
  • Postural backrest Unique and exclusive carbon fibre AIR backrest (optional). It almost keeps the same weight of the backrest with upholstery and straps and it allows all adjustments for an optimal posture. You can combine it with a rigid carbon fibre seat.
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Manufacturer Description:

Duke: a wheelchair made up of two frames in carbon-fibre monocoque with differentiated section shapes to confer resistance and reactivity. Design and characteristics of a made-to-measure wheelchair while keeping the chance of final adjustment

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