Konixx Nucleus Wheelchair sports Castor

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Konixx Nucleus Wheelchair sports Castor is a grippy wheel designed for grip slide balance. Available in black and ideal for use in wheelchair sports such as Wheelchair Basketball, wheelchair Rugby (murderball) and wheelchair Tennis.

Manufacturer Description

Goalies have long sought after a wheel that allows them to play the position way THEY want to play it. The Nucleus has our special formulation that provides just the right amount of Grip-slide balance and durability.

  • Single Pour, hub-less
  • U-base 2™ formula
  • Tract-tech™, Infini-tech™ & Multi-thane 2X™ additives
  • Provides excellent grip and wear
  • Offered in +0 stiffness

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**This item is not supplied with bearings or bearing spacers