Progeo Yoga folding Wheelchair

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For people who require a folding wheelchair but want something more lightweight than most folding wheelchairs, then look no further. The Progeo Yoga offers a unique folding system making it not only attractive, lightweight and full options but extremely practical too.

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  • The crossbar Patented folding system with double horizontal crossbar under the seat.
  • The footplates Choice among different kind of footplates. one-piece flip-up carbon footplate (optional).
  • Multiple adjustments - rear height - setting (point of balance) - backrest angle - front height
  • Encumbrance Extremely reduced encumbrance when folded.
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    Manufacturer Description:

    Its patented folding system allows opening/closing the wheelchair with a single and simple movement of the backrest. Functionality and convenience combined with a linear and elegant design.

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