Pelvi-Loc 2da moulded padded straps for pelvic wheelchair positioning support

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Pelvi-Loc moulded padded straps offer secure positioning for those with restricted mobility and individuals requiring solid but comfortable positioning in sports wheelchairs. 2DA straps are designed for thigh support and stability in the wheelchair.

Manufacturer Description 

The  PELVI.LOC®    PL-­2DA  is  intended  for  people  with  restricted  mobility,  especially  for  thigh  positioning   within  the  wheelchair  and  active-­wheelchair  and  prevents  from  sliding  forward.  2D - belt for enhanced sports activities with enlarged pads - surface for improved pressure distribution. The padded covers give maximum protection of participants and prevent buckle from releasing in use. Hole strap on frame adjustable up to 6 cm.

  • Moulded for comfort

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