M2 padded Double Ratchet (hip) straps for everyday and wheelchair sports use

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M2 padded Straps are the ultimate in padded strapping for serious athletes and individuals requiring strong, comfortable yet easily adjustable wheelchair support. These double straps are an ideal option for those wishing to pull their hips into the seat. Straps are attached at either side of the backrest and allow for easy adjustment of tightness from the users lap. Often referred to as 'hip straps' they offer maximum stability and hold users firmly in place to maximise performance either in a sporting or everyday active environment. Widely used in wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby (murderball), wheelchair tennis, wheelchair racing and other wheelchair sports chairs.

Manufacturer Description 

These are a SET of two pads. Available in lengths of 6″ – 20″. Length is the “centre black pad”. Additional length and customized fit is achieved with both Ladder Strap and Neck of padded strap. Numerous Configuration options. Straps can be tightened or relaxed on the move. Comfort, Security, & Performance. Feel the difference !

  • Carbon Cover:
  • Moisture & Soil Resistant, Strong, Durable, & Appealing
  • Integrated Ratchet Strap Sleeve:
  • Ratchet Strap is concealed eliminating interference
  • m2® Ratchet Buckle:
  • Simple & Strong with 1/8” Incremental Adjustment
  • Adjustable Neck Length:
  • 7 – 0.5” Adjustment Positions
  • Synthetic Leather Bottom:
  • Moisture Resistant & Comfortable
  • Concealed Hardware:
  • Comfort & Safety
  • Ratchet Strap:
  • 1/8” Incremental Adjustment Made of Dupont Zytel ® ST 801 Super Tough Nylon
  • Ratchet Strap “Feeding Sleeve”:
  • Provides simple strap/buckle engagement.