Bodypoint Areomesh Calf Straps for wheelchair users

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Wheelchair Calf supports  by bodypoint with aeromesh featuring strong back of leg support in the wheelchair, no more floppy straps getting in the way when transferring, either! 

Manufacturer Description

Calf Panels and Straps are used to provide increased support for the back of the calves. These can be mounted on any wheelchair for enhanced cushioning and pressure distribution.

Calf Panels and Straps use high-quality materials for superior durability and comfort. Aeromesh ® material allows for air and water vapour transfer to maintain skin integrity, and both the panels and straps contain a non-wrinkling Laminar Pad for supportive comfort.

These supports mount to the wheelchair with hook-and-loop fastenings, and do not have to be removed when the wheelchair is collapsed. Calf Panels offer a large surface area for improved pressure redistribution, wheras Calf Straps are slimmer and more discreet.

Care for your calves with Bodypoint® Calf Straps and Calf Panels, and improve the comfort of your wheelchair.

Benefits of Calf Panels and Calf Straps

Keeps Skin Dry

Aeromesh® fabric allows both air and water vapour to pass through the calf straps or panels, ensuring the skin is kept dry and comfortable. The two-way stretch of the Aeromesh® fabric stops the leg becoming pinched by the strap and accommodates spasms, whilst maintaining shape for the best pressure redistribution and durability.

Comfortable Fit

Calf Straps are padded with a laminar pad, a patented material from Bodypoint® that contours to fit the body. The lining of the stap is made from soft, wrinkle-free fabric edged with a soft edge binding to minimise irritation against the skin.


Reinforced hook-and-loop secures the strap and can be adjusted for a precise fit. This hook-and–loop has been tested to withstand over 2000 peel cycles for the highest durability, so you can be sure that your fastenings won't let you down.  



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