Manual Rigid Fixed Frame, Manual Rigid Adjustable or Manual Folding Wheelchair... Which do I need? Here is a little information to help you browse the products right for you:


What is a Rigid Fixed Frame Wheelchair?

A rigid fixed frame wheelchair is a fixed frame wheelchairs that are solid and generally made from aluminium or carbon fibre and have very little adjustment available once the chair has been produced

Is a Rigid fixed Frame wheelchair right for me?

Suitable for experienced wheelchair users who may have had adjustable wheelchairs in the past and know what they need from their char set up.  Rigid fixed chairs tend to be lighter, stronger and have fewer moving parts enabling maximum performance.


What is a Rigid Adjustable Wheelchair?

A rigid adjustable wheelchair is a non folding frame but allows adjustments in seat height, seat angle and centre of gravity position.

Is a rigid adjustable wheelchair right for me?

A rigid adjustable wheelchair is lighter and easier to push than a folding wheelchair, generally more compact than a folding wheelchair and suitable for people new to active lightweight wheelchairs. They may also be suitable for persons with progressive health conditions that may need changes to chair set up in the future. 


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What is a folding Wheelchair?

A wheelchair is simply a chair that folds in the middle allowing for easier transportation and storage.

Is a folding Wheelchair right for me? 

Folding wheelchairs are usually used to assist in travel and storage in small cars. They are easier for helpers or carers to put in a car for you. They tend to be a little heavier and more cumbersome to manoeuvre. These chairs are also popular with semi ambulant walkers who may need a wheelchair from time to time. 

If you are in anyway unsure as to which type of frame or style wheelchair you require, do not hesitate to contact us straight away and one of our expert staff will guide you through the process. We offer free home demonstrations and assessments for complete piece of mind. All of our staff are full time wheelchair users and are sympathetic to your needs.